Why Fastway?

Since our Irish foundation in 2002, Fastway has grown to become a leader in the courier industry, recognised for its operational excellence for businesses and consumers alike.

At Fastway, we understand that a courier service is not just about product delivery. It is about working with a delivery and returns partner who’s essentially an extension of your own business. A partner who can help you achieve bottom-line savings, whose delivery and returns methods enhance your customer experience, and whose capabilities will equip you with a point of difference in an ever-tightening market.

Customer Centric

You consistently surprise and delight your customers. We make Brexit simple, and making the delivery process simple, is more important than ever. Let us surprise and delight your customers, by delivering on your promises.

Courier Franchisees

Our CF’s, supported by over 750 people, build direct relationships with their customers, ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction as every parcel travels safely and securely to its final destination.

Track and trace facilities

Online tracking and contactless delivery as standard, with proof of delivery within minutes.


We use technology to solve delivery challenges while simplifying the delivery process. We create smarter, digitally-driven solutions that deliver new possibilities to our customers with niche and diverse business needs.

Economical service

Our competitive pricing allows you to control your shipping costs while enabling you to focus on growing your business while enhancing your bottom line.

No hidden charges

With Fastway, you can rest assured as there are no hidden charges or re-delivery fees (conditions apply).


With our delivery model, we make it easy for our clients to securely and reliably send and receive parcels locally, nationally, and internationally on-time, with the visibility and predictability you expect.

Online Label Store

The quickest, and most convenient way to order and pay for labels, at a time that suits you. Once purchased they are instantly added to your Label account. So, whether you need labels on Monday at 7 am or Saturday at 7 pm, it's the perfect solution.

Parcel coverage

We include limited liability coverage at no extra cost. (Conditions apply)