The Unwrapping of Returns – Parcel Connect Unveils the Quirky Side of Post-Christmas Exchanges

  • The Unwrapping of Returns: Parcel Connect Unveils the Quirky Side of Post-Christmas Exchanges
  • From Midnight Label Creators to the First Return of the New Year, Parcel Connect Shares Amusing Insights from the Festive Season

8th January 2024, [Dublin, Ireland]: This festive season, Parcel Connect, Ireland’s largest Pick-Up & Drop Off (PUDO) network, in partnership with Payzone Ireland, Ireland’s largest consumer payments network, has unwrapped some fascinating facts about Ireland’s holiday returns. While most were busy unwrapping gifts, a select few were wrapping them back up, with Parcel Connect’s network playing Santa’s little helper in reverse.

The Christmas Day Conundrum:
Believe it or not, two returns were made right on Christmas Day. One at Donlon’s Newsagents in Longford at 15:45 PM, and another at Benson’s Quickpick in Kerry at 13:04 PM, with the latter utilising Parcel Connect’s innovative label-less QR service. Yes, we called to check – those stores were indeed open, spreading cheer even for parcel returns!

The Stephens Day Saga:
While most were enjoying leftovers, one early bird created a return label at 02:13 AM on Stephens Day, dropping it off by 11:12 AM at Applegreen Tullamore. Talk about dedication! In fact, 98% of returns that day took place post-11 AM, proving that even the most eager returners value their holiday sleep.

Geographic Glimpses:
Dublin led the charge in returns, followed closely by Cork and Dundalk, while the northwest savored their gifts a bit longer, recording the fewest returns.

New Year, New Returns:
The first return of 2024 was not a late-night partygoer but an early riser, making their way to Centra, Whitemills service station in Wexford Town at 05:54 AM. Now that’s a fresh start to the year!

The Return Rush: Ireland’s Post-Holiday Parcel Trends
With the festive season wrapping up, Parcel Connect delves deeper into the data, revealing the post-holiday parcel patterns across Ireland. Parcel Connect is delighted to reveal figures have skyrocketed to a remarkable 200% increase compared to the average volume.

Regional Return Revelations:
While the holiday season is a time of joy and giving, it’s also a period when some gifts find their way back. Since Christmas Day through the end of the first week in January, Parcel Connect has witnessed a surge in returns. Delving into regional insights:

  • Dublin leads the charge, accounting for almost 35% of the total returns.
  • South East and Cork closely trail, each representing 20% and 21% of returns, respectively.
  • The Midlands, North West, and South West regions aren’t far behind.

Fashion Forward Returns:
Delving into the nature of the returns, fashion stands out prominently. While the allure of gifting fashion is undeniable, ensuring the right fit and personal taste remains a challenge. Beyond fashion, there’s a diverse array of products, from tech gadgets to home decor, underscoring the varied preferences and tastes of consumers.

Beyond Borders:
It’s not just Ireland; Europe too sees a surge in post-holiday returns. The trend reflects a growing comfort with online shopping and the convenience of returns. This sentiment is echoed in a recent Statista Report on “E-commerce returns in Europe – statistics & facts”, where it reports that “Simplicity reigns supreme when returning a purchase. Among European online shoppers, the ability to effortlessly return an item by either dropping it off at a parcel shop, returning it in-store, or opting for a home pickup stands out as the?most crucial return criterion”. In Ireland, Parcel Connect, offers all of these options, and in partnership with Payzone Ireland, who operate the largest agent network of 3,500+ retail stores and service stations across every county in the Republic of Ireland, we’re offering a game-changer in the returns market for simplicity, ease, and accessible return points.

“The holiday season always brings its share of surprises, and this year was no exception. At Parcel Connect, we’re delighted to play a part in the unique stories that unfold around Christmas and New Year’s. Whether it’s the dedication of a 2 AM label creator or the early morning return on New Year’s Day, these moments highlight the simplicity, convenience, and flexibility that our network offers. Our partnership with Payzone Ireland further strengthens this commitment, ensuring a seamless experience for all our customers,” says Luke Teeling, General Manager of Parcel Connect.

As we wrap up another festive season, Parcel Connect and Payzone agents across the country remain committed to making parcel deliveries and returns as hassle-free as possible. Whether it’s a Christmas Day return or a New Year’s resolution to declutter, we’re here to help you send back those less-than-perfect gifts, no questions asked.

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