Service update:

Due to adverse weather we are experiencing delays to our UK outbound freight due to ferry cancellations.

Accumulations of snow in some parts of the country is impacting our domestic delivery services.

Please track your parcel for the latest status, if there is no tracking information available then please contact the sender or retailer. 

Check the delivery status of your parcel

If you see "No Scans on Parcel", this means we have not received the parcel into our network as yet.

  • If your parcel is being sent from within Ireland, you'll see a scan saying 'You're parcel has been picked up' 

  • If your parcel is coming from a UK retailer or other international retailer, when we receive the parcel in Ireland, you'll see "Your parcel should be delivered within 1-2 days after being received into our Fastway Ireland Hub"

If you have any queries on the parcel, please contact the sender directly as we have no information on the parcel until we pick it up or receive it into our Irish Hub.






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