Making Brexit Simple

Discover how Fastway is making Brexit simple.

We deliver for our customers by ensuring their goods are processed seamlessly and successfully between Ireland and the United Kingdom.
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You consistently surprise and delight your customers. We make Brexit simple, and making the delivery process simple, is more important than ever. Let us surprise and delight your customers, by delivering on your promises.


We use technology to solve delivery challenges while simplifying the delivery process. We create smarter, digitally-driven solutions that deliver new possibilities to our customers with niche and diverse business needs.

Customs Expertise

Customs requirements can be a minefield, while customs delays can be frustrating. Our customs knowledge, resources, and expertise are all you need to simplify the customs procedures and formalities.


With our delivery model, we make it easy for our clients to securely and reliably send and receive parcels locally, nationally, and internationally on-time, with the visibility and predictability you expect.

How We're Different

In a post-Brexit world, we see a world of possibilities for businesses, big and small, as you discover new export markets.

With our highly skilled teams, innovative solutions, and state-of-the-art technology, we can help you turn those possibilities into reality.

With Fastway, we'll help you keep your delivery promises, saving you time and money while delivering a hassle-free delivery experience.

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Find out how we can help your business with your deliveries and returns, post-Brexit, while you focus on exploring new markets and growing your business.

Your business questions answered

Brexit has changed how we trade with Great Britain, including custom declarations, checks, regulations, and new charges. Find out more about these changes and how we make shipping simple, post-Brexit.

How can Fastway help?

We know there are many moving parts when it comes to Brexit and many people still have questions. Find out how Fastway makes shipping simple, in a post-Brexit world.

Looking for a delivery partner that makes shipping simple?

At Fastway, we believe in making shipping simple, particularly in a post-Brexit world. Discover a world where goods are processed seamlessly and successfully between Ireland and the United Kingdom. What to know more? Complete the form below, and we'll reach out within 24-business hours.
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